SLK 072 Arrows A2 French GP 1979



We would like to thank our friend Davide Negretti for supplying us with pictures of the kit as well as his detailed review.

The Arrows A2 has been a car of Formula 1 that was used by the end of the season 1979. Designed by Dave Wass and Tony Southgate powered by Ford Cosworth engine, mounted on a monocoque coated light alloy, with Hewland FGA400 as gear and Goodyear tyres. His best result was the sixth place obtained on two occasions; in the German and Holland GP  with Jochen Mass. It was designed to work almost without spoilers, in an attempt to be able to exploit the ground effect.
The Arrows A2 had an aerodynamic very interesting and innovative; nicknamed the "cigar", it had a front wing very lowered and located behind the front wheels, while the pontoons were extended before the wheels in order to include the suspensions. In some way it tried to retrace the lines of Lotus 79, but without great success.


Next to the implementation of the beautiful and recent news signed from Tameo (Silverline SLK072), I will built the model in its “standard” format, from box without any substantial modification of this curious and at that time futuristic F1 single-seater. The contents of the pack is rich and accompanied by a booklet of instructions perfectly conceived. As always.






That is how to present in detail the parts that make up the kit. Very beautiful the photoetched and the white metal parts, the turned details and the tyres with the written already in tampo print. Simply perfect the casting part of the body car and chassis, and finally the decal for France GP version 1979, with the drivers Riccardo Patrese and Jochen Mass.




We start the processing sanding the pieces of the body with abrasive paper grain 800 then 1000.
Following, according to my personally taste, I proceed with the re-engravings of all the lines of closure of the various panels of the bodywork in order to obtain, after the painting, a realistic and satisfying effect.
Finally, after a precise cleaning of the engine parts, I proceed with a dry built to check the combination of the parts, considering the tolerances for the thickness paint.



Both sides and two small rear photoetched pieces, require an accurate putty, before proceeding to paint in gold colour.



On completion of the preparation of the body, I have carefully studied the photos of the real car and I opted for a little different solution from how described on the instructions. Personally I found too dark the proposed gold colour TS21 Tamiya and too clear the TS84, so mixing 2 parts of TS21 with one of TS84, I reached the colouring in my opinion ideal.



Here's how present the bodywork completed, after prepared a base of "primer" grey appropriately sanded, a light hand of white matt and two light hands of gold. After positioning the decals, a hand of clear 2K to cover all for protection in time.



In the period of drying of the model, I prepared the remaining parts, chassis with engine and cockpit, together with details such as the safety belts, the gear and rear suspensions.



A close-up of curious and ungainly form of this beautiful single-seater.




And here is the model completed and full of the remaining details.
A work that required attention, especially in painting as the gold is very delicate. The remaining steps of the processing results to be fun without particular difficulties. A splendid kit that enriches the collections of the people who loves a thematic belonging to a time now distant.

Davide Negretti