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Wednesday, 18.07.2018
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TB 002 - Ferrari F2005 Italian G.P. 2005

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This model is a reproduction if the single-seater with which Michael Schumacher arrived in 10th position during the 2005 Italian Grand prix that took place in Monza last September.

The first photo shows the model as it is presented at the time of purchase. The box, which is produced in a shiny red Ferrari colour, contains the assembled model, protected by a transparent cover. We have chosen a very simple and reduced-in-size type of packaging, in order to save on transport costs; as you are no doubt aware, these costs are mainly due to the general size of the box. It is important to notice the new Tameo graphics, which not only identify the series of the models sold that are already assembled, but also the horse with the yellow background, which guarantees the product being officially licensed by Ferrari.

In the second picture, the model is fixed onto a black laminated and varnished wooden base and is protected by a robust plastic transparent curved cover. As protection for the transport of the model, we have designed a thermal PVC cover, which by blocking the model completely, prevents the loss or breakage of the smallest and most fragile of components. The positive feedback we have received from our customers, after having received the first packages sent in this way, means that we will use the same type of packaging for the next models as well.

It is easy to see the upper side of the base, which shows the carbonium fibre texture; it is in fact real fibre. It is the same kind that is used by Ferrari for the original racing car. The carbonium fibre not only provides the model with a touch of elegance, but makes it more aggressive and exclusive. The base is inscribed with the name of the single-seater, the race reference number and the name of the racing driver, in white. A Ferrari shield with a yellow background completes the stylish finishing.


The part underneath the base is decorated with the new Tameo logo, the information relating to the model, the type of competition, the name of the racing driver and the progressive hand-written number of the model. The words suggested by Ferrari, which provide this model with the touch of authenticity of a Ferrari licensed product, can be found in the lower part of the base. Each model is delivered together with a card that certifies and guarantees the progressive number.






The front part of the model is a particularly good reproduction. The front wheel suspensions produced using the photoengraving process are in black, with the carbonium fibre texture produced using the tampoprint system. The wheel rims are produced in turned and shiny aluminium, whilst the tyres are produced in original rubber. The signs Bridgestone/Potenza are also produced with the tampoprint system. The forward spoiler is equipped with small lower bulkheads and with horizontal fins, that are painted with black matt paint. Please take note of the white parts that hi-light the thin black strips, that in the original single-seaters, were produced in rough and unpolished carbonium.

The back part of the model is most definitely the most interesting part. The small wings fitted onto the tails are painted in black, with the texture of the carbonium fibre produced using the tampoprint system. The same process is used for the internal part of the side bulkheads of the spoilers. Just a curiosity: on the inside part of the bulkheads, you can find the signatures of the Ferrari engineers, who wished to celebrate their presence at the Monza Grand Prix in this way.

It is also possible to have a glimpse of the exhaust pipes, which have been produced in turned aluminium.

The cockpit is reproduced perfectly. It is possible to see the seat belts made using the photoengraving process, the steering wheel with all its various instruments reproduced using decals and the small transparent fitted slides fitted in front of the racing driver. The two antennas are small turned parts made in aluminium and varnished in a shiny black colour. The rear view mirrors have reflecting sides that are produced with a very fine chromium-plated film, which is engraved using a laser. The side air deflectors are made by using a mixture of photoengravings and castings in white metal. One last note: the camera, which is fitted on the bonnet, is decorated with characteristic badges in fluorescent red and the usual texture of carbonium fibre.

It is very important to emphasise the fact that our assembled models are produced, designed and delivered in Italy by highly specialised professionals, whilst it is only the assembly that is carried out in China. We do not, under any circumstances, use resins; not even for the smallest and thinnest components. All our models are made, as with all Tameo products, using strictly white metal, in order to maintain its very strong Italian identity, especially in respect of the complete control of this project, guaranteeing that these models are true Tameo products. We have tried to learn from our mistakes and experiences, when we produced the first model; therefore, this second project is a great improvement for us, in respect of the first one. Everything has followed Tameo’s traditions in a perfect way.

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